Coach Pat Henry

Coach Henry has over 30 years of experience in bowling on the collegiate, international and professional levels:

  • USA Bowling - Former Director of Coaching

  • Wichita Stat Bowling - Former WSU Coach

  • ESPN Star Sports - Bowling Television Commentator

  • Olympic Committee National Coach - Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Bahrain, Qatar

  • World Bowling Writer Association - 2009 International Coach Award

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Coach Adelgren is an accomplished player and respected coach at all levels of bowling including youth, high school, collegiate, international and professional. He has extensive knowledge in the physical game, mental game, ball dynamics, grip and fit, lane play strategies, adjustments and spare shooting.


Coach Baty is a certified mental coach and has spent the last 30 years coaching, building teams and developing individuals in both sport and business. By helping others realize the power of belief speaks volumes to his success. The mental part of sport is needed more today than ever before. "When all becomes equal, and it will, athletes will be challenged to be Elite only by how they deal with adversity."