West Acres Presents
**Bowl The Mile**
Come out to West Acres this Summer and 

"Bowl The Mile"

Every Saturday at 6pm and compete to be the best of the best.   Bring a partner because this is a doubles competition.  One member will bowl the even frame and the other member the odd.  

Your team will bowl the equivalent of 1 mile across 8 lanes.

Bowling Officers will be on duty every 1/8 of a mile.  Double your pin count for a strike but AVOID the HAZARDS along the way.  Here's a hint: Take advantage of the bonus frames!

See you on Saturday....

Q: What is Bowl The Mile?
A: Bowl the equivalent of 1 mile across 8 lanes.  Only 1st ball score counts. 

Q When does Bowl The Mile Start?
A: Contest will run from Saturday March 10th to the finals on September 1st.  It will be held at 6pm.  

Q: Will there be a weekly prize?
A: Weekly payout will be based on a 1 in 4 ratio.  Marathon payout at end of contest will be $1000 guaranteed.    Good Luck!!

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Bowl the Mile is $20 per Team per week.

Q: When is the contest?
A: Contest starts Saturday March 10th at 6pm and ends Saturday September 1st.